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Youth To Washington
It's time again for our annual Youth To Washington contest. Download the Application HERE.

Why We're Suing EPA
Last year, you helped us tell the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) about your concerns over their proposed "Clean Power Plan". Over one million Americans did the same at Action.coop and TellEPA.com because EPA's actions jeopardize rural America's supply of safe, affordable, and reliable electricity.

EPA addressed a few concerns in its final rule. But the rule still has serious flaws. It is outside of EPA's authority. It will force electric co-ops to close power plants that consumers should be able to rely on for decades to come. Most importantly, without these plants, many co-op members will face higher energy bills.

Even though the rule is final, electric cooperatives aren't giving up. Instead, we are filing suit, asking a federal court to turn back this harmful rule.

For more information about our ongoing fight and how to stay involved as a member of your local electric co-op and the millions-strong network served by America's Electric Cooperatives, visit www.action.coop.

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