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Longtime electric lineman and foreman, Ermin Brinkmann passed away recently. He retired in 1990 after almost 39 years of service to the co-op. Watch as cooperative employees pay their respects at his funeral procession on Monday morning. Click Here.

Board of Directors Nominating Procedure and Petitions - Click Here to View

Youth To Washington Contest
High school juniors! Win a week long all expenses paid trip to Washington, D.C., along with a one day trip to Springfield to see your local government in action. Click Here to watch a video for more information. Apply Here!

Life Support Notification
MCEC keeps a registry of members who depend on life-support equipment. If you or a family member depend on life-support equipment, please download the following form and submit to our office.
Life Support Equipment Form - Click Here

SIPC's 50th Year of Generation Video
Southern Illinois Power Co-Operative (SIPC) is where MCEC buys power. 2013 was their 50th anniversary and a video was prepared to commemorate the occasion.
View SIPC's 50th Anniversary Video - Click Here

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